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Behavioral Learning through Innovative Support Systems



Here at B.L.I.S.S, we aim to provide easy access to mental health services. We offer many products in a multitude of ways. We aim to sell a variety of products to cater to anyone's needs and wants.

Alexa Young, CA

"The Seroband changed my life in many ways. It all started when my whole family died in a car crash. I was left left depressed and hopeless. I went to therapy and it didn't really help, my doctors prescribed different medications that also didn't work, then I found the Seroband. The Seroband would detect whenever my serotonin levels were low and suggest different tasks to lighten my mood or cheer me up. Get in touch with one of our associates to change your life for the better." 

Morgan James, NY

"Iota has been like my best friend. Whenever I'm feeling down or anxious, I have someone to talk to. I don't have many friends at school and sometimes I feel alone but Iota is there for me. We have long and fulfilling conversations and Iota plays music to boost my mood and plays games with me:"

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